Adventure for everyone! Basic canyoning is the combination of walking, hiking, sliding down the rapids, swimming in crystal clear natural water pools, walking through the tunnels and swimming under the highest waterfall on river Cetina. Also includes some cliff jumps (they are optional). The guide provide you with wet suits, life wests and helmets and you are ready to set of in adventure of your life!

  • 3-4 hours Duration:
  • 2 The minimum of participans

All you need for this trip is swimsuit, some kind of sport shoes, adventure spirit and you are ready for expedition!
Discover hidden corners by exploring the canyon! Be expert not a tourist!

Price includes: Proffesional licensed guide, wetsuit, and helmet, life west and insurance.

Rafting on the river Cetina is most visited and a special attraction for all adventurists. Enjoying three hours of rafting on the 11 km long route where you can see wilde rapids, playful waterfalls, lakes, forests, caves... The quite parts of the river, the second and third grade rapids enable combination of adventura and relaxation in the incredible Cetina River canyon.
Participants are not required to have any specific previous knowledge. The skipper tells you, how, when and how hard you must row, or when you must jump into the boat and hold tight. This activity is suitable for people of all ages. Guests who live through this adventure, glorify it and remember it for whole life.

  • 3 hours Duration:
  • 2 The minimum of participans

Price includes: Proffesional licensed guide, wetsuit, helmet, life west and insurance.
Tips: You have to take your swimming suits, sandals or sneakers, t-shirts, shorts, sun-protection cream and some dry clothing to change in the end

When in Croatia, there is a perfect opportunity to bound the love towards the sea with the one towards the mountains. Floating on the surface of one of the clearest seas of the world, while looking up to the Perun hill, mountains Mosor and Kozjak is the one thing we would like all Croatian visitors to experience.

We start our trip from hotel La Meridien (LAV) in Strožanac/Podstrana, from where we enter the flow of river Žrnovnica and follow it all until the first fall. From there the trip continues towards Stobreč, passing beside the local beach and lighthouse, continuing to the further and remote areas with wonderful areas reachable only from the sea.
After around hour and 15 minutes we are reaching our refreshment spot on the beach, where we will take a brake for 30 – 45 minutes and relax while swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. After energising ourselves we return pedalling back to Hotel La Meridien (Lav).

  • 3 hours Trip duration:
  • 3 Fitness level (1-5)

Price includes: sit on top-double kayak, paddles, life jacket, insurance, guide (20pax - 2 x guide)

There are 12 climbing areas with more than 400 routes waiting for you to discover just a half hour drive from Zadvarje. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert you can always count on us. We can organize climbing in the city of Omiš which is situated a half an hour drive from Zadvarje in the canyon of Cetina River.

It is an amazing place to climb and is suitable for beginners. The climbing routes are as high as 25m and grades range from beginner to expert levels. Do you want to be on top of the world? Come on and climb with us! See the world from another perspective! ​

  • 3-4 sata Trip duration:
  • 2 The minimum of participans

Price includes: licensed instructor, harness, climbing shoes, helmets and insurance. ​

No experience is needed. We provide you with all the equipment: harnesses, shoes, and helmets. ​




In the bottom of the highest peak of Dinaridi, deep in the inland of Zagora this karst beauty begins her journey towards the sea. Length of 105 km enables her curving along the dalmatian karst creating wonderful scenery. All the way from springhead till her mouth she passes through several big and colorful places like Vrlika, Sinj, Trilj, Blato na Cetini, Zadvarje and Omiš. In the last ten years it is extremly popular for active vacation (rafting, canyoning, kayaking) and when sightseeing tours are on you can't miss the great waterfall Gubavica. ​



They are located in Imotski, the town which is situated on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dalmatia. Red Lake was named after the red rocks that are almost vertical and surround the lake. This karst cave is high about 528 m, and so far measured depth of the lake is about 281 m which could be the deepest lake in Europe. The fact is that until this day a man hasn't seen with his own eyes or with sophisticated devices, touched and recorded the lowest point in the murky depths. Blue Lake is one of the most beautiful karst lakes in Croatia, which is also a favorite beach and promenade. ​ ​



In the port bounded by two peninsulas between mountain Biokovo there is a city Makarska. Peninsula St. Peter is a city park with long walking trail and beautiful beaches. At the top of this peninsula there is a church of St. Peter from 13th century and at the port entrance there is a statue of St. Peter who is also a guardian (patron) of the city. Under the statue there is a fence on which couples in love put their padlocks and throws the key into the sea, as a symbol of their eternal love. ​ ​ ​



Rock/stone of Brela which is the integral part of beautiful pebble beach "Punta rata" is also a trademark of Brela. It is located approximatley 30 m from the shore, high 20m, sourranded by pine trees looking like it rises from the sea. There are many legends about how the stone was found in the sea, but it certainly forms a unique image you will surley remember.​ ​



​​ On its way towards the sea through the centuries the river Cetina has carved a beautiful canyon in which are located Radmans mills, only 6 km from Omiš. The power of water had been used for centuries to mill the wheat. Today this is an idyllically place where you can enjoy in peace, coolness, fresh air, sunbathing and swimming on one of the many river beaches of Cetina. ​ ​ ​

ZADVARJE - heart of Dalmatian hinterland


Zadvarje is a municipality located in the central Dalmatian hinterland and the hinterland of the coastal massifs Dinara and Biokovo, but it also covers a fraction of the Adriatic coast - the famous bay Vruja and the Dupci pass​.

Within the borders of this relatively small municipality (13.2 km2), with 9 settlements and a total of some 300 inhabitants , there are several unique, highly attractive and biologically very important elements: the magnificent Cetina canyon with one of the largest waterfalls in the Croatian karst, Velika Gubavica , and the fascinating and rugged slopes of the pass Dupci and the bay of Vruja. In the southeast, the Zadvarje landscape borders the Nature Park Biokovo, merging with its wooded northern slopes.

The settlement developed along the local road connecting the coast and the hinterland. It started evolving in the 18th century as an important market town at the foot of the fortress from the time of the Venetian-Turkish wars. At the end of the 19th and early 20th century Zadvarje started to flourish due to the start of construction and operation of the large hydroelectric power station Kraljevac. Terraced houses were built along the road, with their ground floors for commercial purposes and characteristic doors "na koljeno". The houses are built of stone, with one or two floors and pitched roofs. Some have spacious courtyards at the rear.
At the town centre formed a square, the so-called Obor (pen), where a rustic pole with a lamp was preserved and could serve as a flag pole. The famous fairs and derneks of Zadvarje once took place at this point. The southern side of Obor is closed off by the old stone building of the Cetina hotel, built in the early twentieth century. At its back there is a walled garden within which were once stables for horses and a blacksmith’s workshop. A little further to the south and the bottom of the hill, there is a large water tank with a naplav and fountain.
The administrative centre of the municipality, the settlement of Zadvarje, developed on the edge of Zadvarska ljut, a spacious karst plateau with a small karst field in the west, which, taking almost a quarter of the municipal territory, brings respite to the experience of the dramatic relief of the Cetina canyon and Gubavice, Dubci and Vruje. As a natural corridor between the hinterland and the coast, the area of Zadvarje has always been well controlled, as evidenced by the rich toponomastic and architectural legacy.

This unique record of municipal natural and cultural attractions is toured using the exquisitely designed trail of the MedPaths project, which includes both coastal and hinterland karst vistas of the Zadvarje area. ​


Featuring a barbecue, Vacation House Lavanda is a detached holiday home set in Zadvarje. The air-conditioned unit is 37 km from Split and provides views of the Cetina river canyon. Free private parking is available on site.

The holiday home is composed of 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom , fitted with a bath or shower. There is a seating area, a dining area and a kitchen complete with a dishwasher, an oven and a toaster. A flat-screen TV is offered. Vacation House Lavanda features free WiFi throughout the property.

Makarska is 19 km from Vacation House Lavanda, while Hvar is 47 km from the property. Guests can enjoy various activities in the surroundings, including cycling, rafting and fishing.

This property is also rated for the best value in Zadvarje! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

We speak your language!

9,4 / 10 rated on

6 + 2 people
Bedrooms 3
Pets friendly
Air condition
Airport 70 km
Beach 10 km

What our guests say ?

„Definetly value for money. Nice people, nice country, perfect hosts. Perfect location to combine the beauties of Makarska and Brela coast with Cetina river. Perfect starting point for rafting and canyoning as the famous Gubavica Falls on Cetina river are almost in the backyard of the property. We'll definitely come back some day!”

Dejan, Macedonia cro flag

„Peace and quiet. Good WiFi. Well equipped. Warm House. Friendly hosts who left us some local liqueur which was delicious then brought us some crepes.”

Cath, United Kingdom en flag

„Hosts were very friendly even have brought typical Croatian food and fruits. Enough space in the house. Big kitchen”

Manuela, Switzerland swiss flag

„Friendly and helpful staff; Location is 15 minutes from beautiful beaches; Near house lives a pastor makes a delicious cheese”

Marco, Italia italian flag


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